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Learn How It Works

Watch this short 4-minute video to get an overview of the shop and how it works.

3 Steps for Easy Item Sourcing: 

1. Select your items 

2. Checkout (no credit card or upfront payment is required)

3. Download your package PDFs & follow the directions provided

The item providers will work with you on all aspects of the process, from finalizing your order, billing and fulfilling the items to your winners

What are Risk-Free Items?

Risk-free items are goods a third party offers to help nonprofits raise money and boost engagement at fundraising events.


The risk-free concept allows nonprofits to source vacations, experiences, jewelry, and memorabilia with NO upfront payment. You only have to pay the listed Cost To Nonprofit (reserve) price if the items sell at your event.

Benefits of using risk-free items:

  • Offer a wider variety of items at the event


  • Get access to luxury, rare, or high-value items


  • No upfront payment - only pay if the item sells


  • Enhance fundraising potential


  • Delight donors with unique offerings


  • Save time and resources

How to Price Risk-Free Items Appropriately

We recommend starting the bidding at around 20% above the Cost To Nonprofit price. Setting a higher price raises the perceived value increases the interest for the item, and builds in a profit margin for you.   

Travel Packages:

Once you select your travel package and checkout, you will be directed to download a PDF which will include the Cost To Nonprofit price, the suggested starting bid and the marketing materials to download and then upload into your auction platform. Kevin Spykerman from Auction Packages will also reach out to provide information on post-event billing and item fulfillment to your winner.

Concerning FMV, it is industry standard that providers do not offer Fair Market Value on packages and they recommend that nonprofits list the package as "Priceless" at auction for several reasons:


  1. Fluctuating seasonal travel costs over the booking period (typically 1- 2 years that are available time to book the trip)

  2. The additional perks that are offered on the package

  3. The VIP concierge booking service is provided for all packages

  4. Ability to encourage bidders to bid higher (not based on FMV)


For tax receipts provided after auction, our provider recommends showing FMV at 30% over the Cost To Nonprofit price.


Perceived value is very important in the bidding process, and most bidders will not bid on something if the FMV has been exceeded. That said, donors are also willing to pay more for a trip at auction in order to support their charity. For more information, set a time to consult with Auction Packages, the item provider. 

Jewelry Packages:

Once you checkout and download the PDF for your item, click the link provided to fill out the fundraising agreement for Jewels With A Purpose. They will send you the marketing materials for your package, which will include the wholesale price, suggested starting bid, and the retail value of each item.


Once you checkout and download the PDF for your selected memorabilia option, click the link to fill out the form for memorabilia request. You will work directly with the provider to select the items you would like for your event.


They will also provide the Cost To Nonprofit price and suggested starting bid. The item's FMV value is typically 30% above the suggested starting bid.

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