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Item Shop - FAQs

Who is 

We partner with the top risk-free item providers to offer nonprofits best-selling vacations, experiences, jewelry, and more for nonprofit event fundraising. 

Who do I contact for support?

For help, email

Is there a cost to use the shop?

Our shop is free for any nonprofit organization, and there is no markup on any of our items.

Who will bill me for items that sell at my fundraising event?

After you submit your order, the item provider will contact you within 2-3 business days to finalize your order request and provide information on billing and item fulfillment to your winners after your event.

Who pays for item shipping?

Vacations and experiences are handled digitally and sent via email to your winners. 

Our jewelry provider will ship items free to your winners after your fundraising event. They will also ship the items free to your on-site event on request. 

Shipping for signed merch is subject to the provider.

How should I program the starting bid/price for each item?

Recommended pricing/starting bids are provided in the PDF we will send to you after you complete the checkout process. However, consult your Donor Intelligence Report to understand how best to price items for your audience.

Please note that all pricing/starting bids must be higher than the wholesale price.

Is there a fee to run the report?

There is no cost to upload your donor data and generate the Donor Intelligence Report.  However, if you would like to download individual donor insights, the cost is 20 cents per record.

How do I upload my donor data?

Simply download the CSV template included in Step #1 of the instructions and cut and paste the required information (first name, last name, email, phone). Once the CSV file is ready, return to the Donor Intelligence Report page and type in your name, email address, and organization name. Then click on the 'Upload Data to Generate Report' button and choose the CSV file you created. The report will generate in 3-5 minutes.

How can I view my report in the future?

Once the report is generated, you can print the report as a PDF to view or share. You will also be emailed a shareable link to the report.

How do I download individual donor insights?

Click on the ‘Download All Insights’ button in the top right corner of the report and follow the instructions to download the data (the cost is 20 cents per record).

Donor Intelligence Report - FAQs


How does AI obtain information on my donor base?

The system tracks approximately 1,200 datapoints per individual, with the information housed in large databases of millions of people that all AI companies use.  Our algorithms produce incredibly accurate predictive analytics for you to drive more engagement and profitability to your fundraising event.

Is my donor data secure?

Absolutely.  Your data is completely secure, and we strictly adhere to our privacy policy and do not sell or share your data. The privacy policy link is located on the footer of this page.

What do I do with the information on the Donor Intelligence Report?

You can utilize the key insights from the report to better understand your donor audience and use that information to select items relevant to your audience.  

How many contacts can I upload?

You may upload up to 10,000 contacts at no charge.

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