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JEWELRY PULL Fundraising Package - By Jewels With A Purpose - $60 each

JEWELRY PULL Fundraising Package - By Jewels With A Purpose - $60 each

For in-person events we recommend a JEWELRY PULL to raise an additional $1,000-$4,000.


Add a jewelry pull at your in-person event to delight and engage attendees and raise more money for your cause! There is no risk to you, only pay for the items that sell!


The jewelry pull is a fun interactive opportunity that invites event attendees to donate and recieve a beautiful jewelry. The pull is perfect to complement an in-person auction or any event fundraiser. See video in images for display ideas. An artificial flower tree can easily be purchased from Amazon to display your pulls as shown in the video.


Jewelry Pull Package Includes:


  • 25-100 jewelry pieces packed and ready to go into your auction or fundraiser (no jewelry displays needed). Table signage is included with your package.
  • Sell at your event for $100 each / Market Value: $300+
  • The cost per pull is $60. Your organization nets $40 per pull


Recommended quantities:


  • 25 pcs for 100-200 guests;
  • 50 pcs for 200-300 guests
  • 75 pcs for 300-400 guests
  • 100 pcs for 500+ guests 


By asking for a $100 donation, your event attendees will be able to select a "pull" which features a stunning collection of necklaces, earrings or bracelets, while supporting a wonderful cause! Each jewelery item is valued at $300. 


The pulls may be showcased in the gift bags provided by Jewels With A Purpose, or presented open in the gift boxes (see photos and video for reference) so participants can select the item they would like to recieve with their donation.


Each piece is beautifully designed in California and finely crafted in solid 925 sterling silver with world-renowned zirconium – the best simulated diamonds ever created! 


Pricing Info:


  • Cost To Nonprofit Price: $60
  • Sell at $100 - Nonprofit nets $40 per pull
  • You will only pay for the pieces that sell at your event. Any unsold items may be returned.


After you check out, please expect an email from within 1 business day. This email will include a link to the marketing materials (photos, descriptions, cost-to-nonprofit price, suggested starting bid, FMV) and a link to request free shipping of items in advance of your in-person event. At that time you may select the number of "pulls" you would like at your event.


Please request shipping at least 10 days prior to your event. Shipping is available within the Continental U.S. 



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