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Chile Desert Experience For 2 - $2,895

Chile Desert Experience For 2 - $2,895

SKU: 2540905557

Chile - San Pedro de Atacama Desert Experience 5-Night Stay for (2)


Explore the otherworldly beauty of the San Pedro de Atacama Desert with adventures to the gleaming salt flats, captivating geysers, and unrivaled stargazing locations of Chile in one of

the most unique travel experiences on Earth. Marvel at the Atacama Salt Flat and Piedras
Rojas full-day tour, an unforgettable journey through some of Chile's most awe-inspiring
landscapes. Explore the vast expanse of the Atacama Salt Flat where the pure white salt contrasts magnificently with the deep blue skies and endless salt formations stretch as far as the eye can see. Then awe at the mesmerizing Piedras Rojas, where the staggering vibrant red rocks of the desert stand dramatically against a backdrop of its turquoise lagoons. Travel through the most colorful regions of the desert to the seven lakes that make up this wonderful oasis.


Recline in the mineral-enriched waters of the lagoons and experience its high-salinity floating effect similar to that of the Dead Sea. Or maybe the Geyser de Tatio is calling. The third-largest geyser field in the world and the largest in the southern hemisphere, a trip to the geyser promises a unique natural phenomenon where powerful steam explosions and boiling mud pots create a surreal landscape and a chance to soak in nearby hot springs before sunrise.


Experience Includes:


  • Hotel Cumbres San Pedro de Atacama 5 Night Stay for (2)

  • Daily Breakfast for (2)

  • Full-day tour of the Atacama Salt Flat & Piedras Rojas for (2)

  • Choice of experience: Astronomical Tour, Baltinache

  • Hidden Lagoons or Geyser del Tatio for (2)


Pricing Info:


  • Cost To Nonprofit Price: $2,895 (what you will pay if the package sells)

  • Suggested Starting Bid: $3,475 (20% over CTN price - builds in a profit margin for you)

  • FMV: The value of a trip will fluctuate depending on seasonality. Therefore FMV will be provided by Auction Packages once the order is placed. 


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