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Experience Next-Gen Item Sourcing For Nonprofit Fundraising!

Best-Selling Risk-Free Packages

E-Comm Shopping

AI-Powered Donor Intelligence

Classy is proud to partner with to offer a curated, best-selling, highly-vetted collection of risk-free vacations, experiences and jewelry to help nonprofits maximize fundraising at their fundraising events.

Means More Fundraising Revenue For Your Nonprofit!

There are zero upfront costs and no markup on items, so there is no risk to your organization.  You only pay the charity cost for what sells at your event and keep the profit - it's that simple.

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How It Works: 4 Steps

"Smart-Source" Items

Run Your Free AI-Powered Donor Intelligence Report!

Get a FREE customized report for your donor audience in less than 5 minutes.  This report will provide the insights and guidance you need to build a fundraiser with items and price points that are desirable and relevant for your unique audience. 

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