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Elevate Auction Fundraising

With Our Item Shop!

Raise more money and delight donors with items from our curated, best-selling collection of risk-free vacations, experiences, wine, and jewelry!  

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There are zero upfront costs and no additional fees or markup on items. You only pay the charity cost (reserve price) for what sells at your event and keep the profit - it's that simple.

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Featuring premium item providers: 

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How It Works

After you check out, our item providers will work with you directly on all aspects of the process, including customer support inquiries, invoicing for sold items, item fulfillment to winners, and advance shipping of physical items to your event. 

If your item does not sell, there is NO obligation to purchase - that's why it's RISK-FREE!

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Shop By Category To Select Packages 

The Cost To Nonprofit (or the reserve price) is listed for each package.
You will pay this price if the item sells at your event. 

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